Thank you so much for helping us raise money for Black Organizing Project, Planting Justice, and the State of Black Education. Action does not end now. Here are resources and ways for you to stay engaged with the Black Lives Matter movement and related social justice initiatives.

WatchLearn more about the experiences of Black students in Piedmont through this video by the Black Student Union.

LearnGo to this website to learn about Sidney Dearing, the first black homeowner in Piedmont. He faced much prejudice and racial violence in his time and was eventually pushed out of Piedmont.

Nice White Parents: a podcast from the New York Times about the pivotal role of white parents in segregating/desegregating public schools.

Read White Rage by Carol Anderson- a book about the racial divide in America and what we can do to bridge it.

Killing the Black Body by Dorothy Roberts- a book about the war (both physical and figurative) that is constantly waged on black people in America. Published in 1997, the relevance of the book has only increased over time.

Watch Use this guide to choose a movie from the Appreciating Diversity Film Series to watch and start an important conversation about race and civics, literature, and biology.

Watch 13th on Netflix to learn about the long history of institutional racism in the United States, starting with the Constitution.

Act Volunteer with OUSD to distribute food and supplies to those affected by COVID-19.

Get involved with one of the many student activism clubs at PHS, using this comprehensive guide.